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DIY Pom Pom Tassel Garland

DIY Pom Pom + Tassel Garland

I’ve been a longtime fan of tie dye and dip dyed crafts, but when you’re working with acrylic yarn, they can be challenging and sometimes even impossible to dye. With... Read More

Make a DIY Vase with Clay Accents

You can up-cycle a vase you already own with this craft tutorial! We’ll use polymer clay from the Handmade Modern Craft Supply Collection to add unique and handmade design accents to any vase or planter. 

Make a DIY Vase with Clay Accents
Diorama Ornament DIY

Diorama Ornament DIY

There’s something charming about handmade ornaments that make trimming your Christmas tree extra special! The DIY Ornament Kit includes two paper mâché balls which you can turn into FOUR diorama ornaments.

Festive Holly Garland DIY

Using the Hand Made Modern Craft Library, we will create a custom holly garland for the Christmas season. Featuring a variation of shades of construction paper, as well as fabric,... Read More
Festive Holly Garland DIY
Holiday House DIY

Holiday House DIY

Add a personal touch to any gift by stamping a gingerbread house inspired design with Handmade Modern's Gift Wrap Stamp Kit. 

Fall Watercolor Banner DIY

We will show you how to create a fall banner using the Handmade Modern Watercolor Set. You can get festive and hang it on your door or if you want to see it all day, display it on your wall. 


Fall Watercolor Banner DIY | Handmade Modern
Nature Drawing Tutorial

Nature Drawing Tutorial

Gather & Draw Simple Sketches from Nature I’ve learned a simple trick when I draw, don’t obsess! If you’ve ever been frustrated when sketching, chances are you’re trying to replicate what you... Read More

Beginner Embroidery Craft Tutorial – Craft Supply Collection Kit

Embroidery has become one of my favorite hobbies because it has the perfect amount of repetition to keep my hands busy while being small enough to take with me almost... Read More
Beginner Embroidery Craft Tutorial – Craft Supply Collection Kit - Handmade Modern
Handmade Modern Pom Pom Tassel Kit Wall Hanging

DIY Pom Pom + Tassel Wall Hanging

Yarn is one of my favorite craft supplies, the possibilities are endless, and pom poms and tassels are my go-to item to add to a variety of projects! Keychains, gift toppers, garlands, and more are perfect ways to use poms and tassels.

Unboxing and art tutorials spotlight: Artist Studio Collection

The perfect collection art supplies has arrived - and it’s for adults! Packed up in the cutest suitcase box, tote hours of creativity around (or leave right there on your designated art table.) Paints, Colored Pencils, Canvas and Paper – get ready for your imagination to spark!
Unboxing And Art Tutorials Spotlight Artist Studio Collection