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Make Your Own Paper Bag Easter Baskets

Make Your Own Paper Bag Easter Baskets

Simple, Easy, and Fun.  These Easter Baskets are the Perfect Project for You and Your Family this Holiday.

DIY Beaded Lanyard

Stand out from the crowd with our bright DIY Beaded Lanyard!
Diy Beaded Lanyard
Metal Mash Up Halloween Tote

Metal Mash-Up Halloween Tote

Create a Halloween tote bag using our Smarts and Crafts Metal Mash-Up.

Embellished Shibori T-shirt DIY

Learn how to create a faux Shibori t-shirt with our Textile Spray Paint!
Embellished Shibori T-shirt DIY
Beaded Boutonniere And Corsage

Beaded Boutonnière and Corsage

Bead a wearable flower creation that will last with our Petal Party Jewelry Kit!

Magnetic After-School Checklist

Make tracking daily after-school tasks fun with this magnetic board DIY.
Magnetic After School Checklist
Diy Beaded Wind Chime

DIY Beaded Wind Chime

Learn how to bead up a sparkling wind chime with our Jewelry Jam Craft Kit! 

DIY 3D Greeting Card

Craft a custom 3D card with plenty of neon pop! 
Diy 3D Greeting Card
DIY Positivity Medals Craft for Kids

DIY Positivity Medals

Celebrate simply being yourself with a fun + silly DIY Positivity Medal made with our Metal Mash-Up Craft Kit!

DIY Beaded Butterflies

Express your inner creativity by dreaming up a beautiful beaded butterfly with our Smarts and Crafts Bright Bundle Kit in this simple yet imaginative DIY.
DIY Beaded Butterfly Craft for Kids