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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library
Back to School Clay Locker Garland DIY

Back to School Clay Locker Garland DIY

This DIY Clay Garland is the perfect way for your kiddo to spice up their locker with their own unique style. It’s so simple to create and with the open ended supplies included in Kid Made Modern’s Clay Garland Kit, their locker decor can be designed however they like. 

DIY Best Friend Necklace

Making your own best friend necklace is actually relatively simple and open-ended. Kids of all ages will be so excited about this project and parents will love that it’s easy and mess free. Give your children the supplies and let them take the lead.
Diy Best Friend Necklace
Rainbow Bead Necklace DIY

Rainbow Bead Necklace DIY

I love creating rainbow crafts with my kids. They get so excited about bright colors! When we first looked through the Bright Beads Jewelry Kit, she went straight for the rainbow beads and was so excited to create with it! 

DIY Air Dry Clay Rainbows

Spread some colorful love with our DIY Air Dry Clay Rainbows! 
Diy Air Dry Clay Rainbows