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Diy Santa Rocket Ship Steam Activity

DIY Santa Rocket Ship - STEAM Activity

“Alert!  You have an incoming message!  Santa’s sleigh broke and we need your help building him a rocket to get the presents delivered on time for Christmas morning!”

Fox in the Forest Snow Globe Clay Craft

Snow globes are a nostalgic holiday decoration: from the characters inside to the color of the falling snow. And you can’t just have one, snow globes are better in groups. So that just means you have to continue adding to your collection, and what better way than creating your own?!
Kid Made Modern | Fox in the Forest Snow Globe Clay Craft
Mini Tree Decorating DIY

Mini Tree Decorating DIY

Creating custom ornaments, garlands and a tree skirt in miniature to fit this mini Christmas tree was not only so fun, but might be a new tradition to make new ornaments each year!

DIY Shrink Art Gift Tags

Create Shrink Art Jewelry and Gift Tags to celebrate the holidays! 
Diy Shrink Art Gift Tags
Make Your Own Ornaments With The DIY Advent Calendar

Make Your Own Ornaments With the DIY Advent Calendar

The DIY Advent Calendar creates handmade crafts and ornaments that will be precious memories for years to come.

DIY Cardboard Holiday Cookies

Use the Kid Made Modern Christmas Craft Kit to create everlasting gingerbread cookies from cardboard! 

Diy Cardboard Holiday Cookies
Christmas Tree Hat

Christmas Tree Hat

Learn how to make your own festive Christmas tree hat!

Kid Made Modern Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Kids Ages 8 and up

Discover art gifts for children that let them explore their creative spirit! 

Kid Made Modern Craft Club Monthly Subscription
Kid Made Modern My First Painting Collection

Kid Made Modern Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Toddlers Ages 3 and up

Start your child on their creative journey early with these craft kits! 

Kid Made Modern Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Spread good cheer with these gifts under $10!
Kid Made Modern Unicorn Necklace Kit