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Steam Fuzzy Stick Pasta Arches DIY

STEAM Fuzzy Stick Pasta Arches DIY

Build a pasta rainbow with the STEAM Fuzzy Stick Sculpture Set! 

Painted DIY Monster Rocks

Grab some paint, rocks, and your Arts + Crafts Supply Library and get to creating some crafty monster rocks
Painted DIY Monster Rocks
Mommy and Me Peg Dolls

Mommy and Me Peg Dolls

Create matching Peg Dolls this Mother's Day using the Arts and Crafts Supply Library

DIY Door Valentines

Bring the Valentine’s love home with this DIY using our Valentine’s Collection

DIY Valentine's Door of Hearts | Kid Made Modern
First Day of School Sign DIY with Play Toys and Books

First Day of School Sign DIY with Play Toys and Books

Celebrate Back to School by crafting a fun first day photo prop with Ann, owner of Play in Chicago

Fireworks Painting Craft

Light up the holiday weekend with this simple and fun fireworks painting project!
Kid Made Modern Fireworks Painting Craft
How Subscription Boxes For Kids Nurtures Creative Learning And Development

How Subscription Boxes for Kids Nurtures Creative Learning and Development

Creativity is where self-expression roams free, which opens up many opportunities for little ones to develop invaluable skills that will last long after the need for playdates.

Festive Firecracker DIY

 These patriotic firecrackers are the perfect thing to decorate with and a safe sparkler to play with this Memorial Day. 

Festive Fireworks DIY
Artwork inspired by Louis DeMarco's art

5 Autistic Artists Who Turned Creativity into Their Superpower

In Celebration of Autism Awareness Month, we're shining a light on artists who prove that autism can be a catalyst to a life filled with creativity and breaking past limiting barriers.

St. Patty's Day Wreath Craft DIY

Create a horseshoe and clover-themed wreath for St. Patrick's Day! 

St. Patrick's Day Horseshoe Wreath DIY