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New Year's Colorful Noisemakers DIY

New Year's Colorful Noisemakers DIY

Make some fun New Year’s Eve noisemakers that are fun for the kids but not too noisy for the parents!

DIY Santa Rocket Ship - STEAM Activity

“Alert!  You have an incoming message!  Santa’s sleigh broke and we need your help building him a rocket to get the presents delivered on time for Christmas morning!”
Diy Santa Rocket Ship Steam Activity
Kid Made Modern American Flag Collage

DIY American Flag Collage

This collage is a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th of July! Use the items in your Rainbow Craft Kit to practice color matching and sorting as you create your own flag.

Egg Carton Holiday Wreath

Create a beautiful holiday wreath using Kid Made Modern art supplies! 

Egg Carton Holiday Wreath
Make Your Own Snowman Collage

Make Your Own Snowman Collage

Create your own mini winter wonderland with paint, recycled materials and the Winter Craft Kit! 

DIY Hanukkah Garland

Our Winter Craft Kit is chock full of sparkly materials perfect to celebrate the Festival of Lights! 
Diy Hanukkah Garland
Diy Cardboard Holiday Cookies

DIY Cardboard Holiday Cookies

Use the Kid Made Modern Christmas Craft Kit to create everlasting gingerbread cookies from cardboard! 

Christmas Tree Hat

Learn how to make your own festive Christmas tree hat!

Christmas Tree Hat
Diy Watercolor Turkey

DIY Watercolor Turkey

Use the Wondrous Watercolor palette to create a beautiful and colorful Thanksgiving turkey! 

DIY Thanksgiving Placemat

This DIY Thanksgiving Placemat craft is a great addition to any kids’ table!
Diy Thanksgiving Placemat